The Mola District of Formia

One of the historic quarters of Formia was Mola di Gaeta. This settlement took its name from the water mills that were sited close-by which were used for grinding flour. The community was situated directly on the waterfront along the original route of Roman Appian Way runs straight through this district. During the 13th century a fortress with a cylindrical tower, known as the Torre Mola, was built by Charles II of Anjou.

The district of Mola was badly damaged during World War II. The tower, now restored, stands at a height of 27 metres next to a small harbour with small fishing and pleasure boats. The tower is currently the home of the Historical Archives of the City of Formia and is often used as a venue for exhibitions.

The Old Fountain in Mola Di Gaeta Formia Italy


Mola di Gaeta now Formia Italy


Old Painting of Mola in Formia Italy


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